Artist and printmaker based in the Moscow region.
Monoprint, lithography and experimental relief printing king.
Head of Printnonstop studio.

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2018   2018   drawing   still life


“dialogue to yourself”, 2016, 21x30cm, Japanese paper, monotype


Serie of 6 monotype prints of workers on the street. Printed on japanese paper, 21x30cm. 2015

2018   2015   monotype


“end of the dialog”, 2015, 35x45cm, lithography + relief print
2018   2015   dialogues   lithography


storyboard for “The Last Day of Pompeii” artwork

2017   2013   mixed



Moscow region based artist and printmaker, founder of Reutov printmaking studio “Printnonstop”.

Art teacher at Reutov youth center, Moscow region — since 2015;
Founder of printmaking studio at Reutov youth center, Moscow region — since 2016

Printmaking techniques: etching, lithography, linocut, xylography, monotype. 
Book illustration, book design and binding. Printmaking workshops, lessons.

Art exhibitions, experience
2021, group printmaking exhibition at Moscow Union of Artists
2020, curator and participant of “Open printmaking – 2” projects and exhibition, Reutov and Moscow

2019, group exhibition “Image and book”, gallery of Moscow Union of Artists

2018, group exhibition at “Litho days”, Munich, Germany

2018, curator and participant of duet exhibition “Beware of summer”, Reutov local gallery

2018, curator of “Open printmaking” projects and exhibition, Reutov and Moscow

2018, group exhibition at Gallery of Russian Union of Artists, Moscow, 3rd prize for lithography prints

2018, curator and participant of the group exhibition “Beware of flowers”, Chertanovo local gallery, Moscow

2018, the market of prints “Paper taste”, Moscow

2017, group exhibition at Central House of Artist, Moscow

2017, group exhibition at Gallery of Russian Union of Artists, Moscow

2017, the market of prints “Paper taste”,
2016, group exhibition “Provinces of Russia” at Chertanovo local gallery, Moscow

Private art studio “Nebo”, Reutov, Moscow region — 2008-2012
Graffiti, murals, Russian lubok, fonts, and ornament. Outdoor decor, photography

Private art lessons by Vkhutemas studio, Moscow — 2012-2013
Preparing for MSUPA, oil paintings, drawing, illustration. Vkhutemas and Vkhutein basics, history, values, and features.

Moscow State University of Printing Arts, Moscow — 2013-2019
Book illustration, book design, printmaking techniques, history of arts, construction, volume in space.

2016   bio
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